Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lawyer Second Opinions

We live in a consumer driven world, yet many lawyers are offended when their clients seek a second opinion in their case. These same lawyers would not give a second thought to getting a second opinion of a doctor's diagnosis or treatment plan. This is no different. It is having another professional, who may have had different experiences and a different perspective, review the progress of the case. Sometimes, the second opinion serves no other purpose than to reassure the client that everything is going as should be expected. At other times, the "new" lawyer can make some suggestions that can be taken back to the current lawyer. A fresh set of eyes can often see things that have been overlooked in the day to day handling of the case.

Clients should not be reluctant to get second opinions, and lawyers should not be offended when they do. Most lawyers are not out to take away other lawyer's clients, and quite frankly, clients should be suspicious of lawyers who do try to do this during a second opinion consultation.

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