Friday, May 25, 2012

Technology Helps

1. Diary
It often is helpful to prepare a diary or narrative describing the marriage, including:
a. Each parties' monetary and non-monetary contributions,
b. Child rearing/care activities of each parent,
c. Marriage history/timeline,
d. Problems and concerns throughout the marriage
e. History of criminal, legal or medical issues during the marriage
f. Employment histories throughout the marriage.

This can be prepared in any format with which you are comfortable; however, you may wish to use Penzu ( This allows you to search, sort and organize. It also is private. Just be aware that this is subject to subpoena in a court proceedings.

2. Inventory
It is important to have an inventory of your assets. Again, there is no special format required. You may wish to use iKeepm ( or OwnDepot ( OwnDepot charges a fee for its service if you wish it to prepare an inventory for you.

3. Finances
Mint (, which replaced Quicken Online) allows you to enter all of your financial accounts. It helps you develop a budget and to see where your money is going.

4. Visitation
Our Family Wizard ( is a fee based service that helps with scheduling and organization in co-parenting your children. There is even an App. for it.