Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dropping Criminal Charges

I was hit and filed assault and battery, I was not able to drop charges afterwards. If I don't go to court will I get in trouble?

I was in an argument with my boyfriend's mom. She swung at me. I blocked her but she still hit my arm, I filed charges. I'm leaving state and haven't even been served yet but I 'want to go to court.

If it was important enough to tie up the services of the authorities to file the charge to begin with, it should be important enough to return for trial. If it was not, then you probably should not have started this. Part of the reason that the courts are clogged up is just because of situations like this. Despite this, if you have not been served with a subpoena, you will not be able to be charged with a failure to appear. Your non-appearance will cause at least two court appearances, in all likelihood and will inconvenience all involved.
What people do not understand is that once they invite the law into their lives, they cannot say "never mind" when it no longer interests them to proceed. The bottom line is that you should not invite the law in unless you plan to follow through with what you began.
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