Sunday, February 13, 2011

Uniformed Former Spouses Protection Act

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cindy said...

Our lawyers still seem to be having a hard time getting the wording correct so I can start to get my portion of my ex husbands military retirement. He doesn't want to give me anything, however, knows this isn't an option. I requested that it be worded a percent so I can get the COLA however, he doesn't want it done that way. He lives in Fl. and I am in Okla. where I filed for divorce yet he hasn't been here for any of the court dates. I left him because of abuse and we had talked about going to therapy and getting back together while we were seperated (which was not a "legal seperation") yet he wants to go by the date I left him and not the date of our divorce. He had bullied me into going along with alot of things but I am holding my ground on this even though he retired in April and I haven't seen a dime yet. Any words of wisdom out there?! How do I get this done correct so I can get paid?! How long can he keep doing this and not coming to court?