Friday, September 18, 2009

The Risks of Parental Placement Adoptions

Yesterday I drove to Danville (8 hour round trip) for my client, a Utah adoption agency. The purpose was to have a mother who had given birth the day before sign adoption consent papers. She already had an eleven month old and was living in a shelter. She had contacted my client to arrange the adoption. The adoptive parents flew overnight from Utah. They met the mother, held the baby and were assured by the mother that the baby would be going home with them. Just before I arrived at the hospital, the mother told the nurse that she did not want any visitors and to tell the parents that she was keeping the baby. This is the fourth baby these parents have "lost" in the adoption process.
There always is a risk that a parent or parents will change their minds. Although this is an unusual occurrence, it is something that you must know can happen.

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